About us

Alfan Foundation was co-founded by Alfons and Anne Hanson. The organization, which has been operating since 2009, was formed when we sent a few items to an orphanage and also Alfons' old school in Winneba, Ghana during a family holiday. We also donated books and footballs to Alfons' old school.

It became clear to us that all the schools we visited needed computers, reading /exercise books. A visit to the orphanage also revealed how desperately the children needed things like toys, clothes and shoes. Upon arrival back in the U.K, we decided to organise and send items to the schools and orphanages to help the children in their upbringing and education , hence Alfan Foundation

In the Beginning

In the early years Alfan Foundation funded shipments mostly themselves and relied on donations from schools for computers especially, Stantonbury Campus, Downs Barn school, Pepper Hill school, Giffard Park school (all in Milton Keynes) and Chiltern Hills Academy in Chesham.

The items donated were then shipped at the expense of the founders and also donations from friends, family and the Milton Keynes division of the N.U.T.


We are reaching more children in schools and orphanages, and we know with more help, we can achieve our aims.

Above: Alfons and Anne

Below: Mr Asamoa, Mr Bonney and Mr Ofori key members of Alfan in Ghana