August 2019

We are back from a very successful and exciting working holiday in Ghana. Look out for more news about the Ghana trip.

July 2019

We are going to Ghana on a working holiday. During our holiday in Ghana in the next 3 weeks, we will be visiting all the various projects we are embarking on. We will also be presenting a lot of items we sent .

June 2019

We were lucky to be given a total of 84 CPUs by the mathematical Institute of Oxford University. These have already been shipped to Ghana. We were also given 2 boxes of pens, totalling 2000 by Alison Flower of the TOP and Lori Spragg of Build on Books. Thank you.

May 2019

We took delivery of 5 walkers and wheel chairs from the Abbeyfield care home in Wendover. They also donated £120 from their tea mornings, collections. Thank you very much. The walkers and the wheel chairs have been shipped to Ghana, and will be distributed to an Old people's group and a hospital in Winneba.

April 2019

We managed to send some boxes, full of clothes, books and toys. 

February 2019

We were given more school uniforms by some Haddenham mums. We were also give some stationery items, clothes and toys by the north London branch of the WIBN. The Morna school in Ibiza also raised some funds for us through cake sales.Thank you to all for your support. 

January 2019

We were invited by the 1st Finchley Brownies and Scouts in London to go and share with them some Ghanaian culture. We taught them a Ghanaian dance and they also had the chance to play the drums, which they really enjoyed. After the workshop, they presented some toys and books to us to support our work in Ghana.

We sent 2 more boxes. Plans are being put in place for fund raising to support our activities for this year. 

December 2018

Co-Founder Annie, went on a week's working visit to Ghana. She went to monitor our activities there, and also to distribute the Christmas presents to the Orphanages and the Schools we are supporting. Pictures will follow soon. Thanks to all who helped with the presents.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Mia and the Morna International school in Ibiza to the Alfan community. They raised some funds through cake sales and also 'non-uniform day'.

November 2018

It was fantastic to have Katie and Freya from Sir Henry Floyd 6th Form, organise a stall at their Christmas fayre. They raised £113 !! Brilliant effort to them , and  to Dexter and Jeremy who helped.

We are very grateful to Woodstock CE Primary School for the books they donated from their library. We are also delighted to have received more computer equipment from Ben (Mood Pod).

We held a coffee morning in Haddenham to raise money for the shipment of some items given to us by the people of Haddenham. We raised just over £350,  which has been used to ship  some boxes.

The trial teacher packs are still going well and the remaining trial packs are being distributed. We have sent 5 more boxes of toys, uniform, books and clothes. We plan to send one of us to Ghana to oversee the distribution of the presents and also to visit the new schools and orphanages.

October 2018

Busy month with our Annual Christmas Wrapping Events. This year, almost 700 presents were wrapped by Sir Henry Floyd School and The Oxfordshire Project! The Presents have been shipped and will arrive in time for the children to have them for Christmas.

September 2018

As the new term has began, our team in Ghana will start visiting the schools to check on them. We have received hundreds of text books from Sir Henry Floyd School in Aylesbury. We have also continuing to receive uniforms and other clothing from locals. We will soon be organising a fund raising event for the shipment of these items.

August 2018

Alfan in Ghana visited the various schools and Orphanages we support, to see how the pupils were using the items supplied to them. There was good feedback from the schools.

July 2018

Alfan were invited to a PTA meeting in rural school that we support. The new Teacher Packs were given to Don Bosco school as an exciting new trial, We will return to the school before the end of term to monitor their progress. More will be distributed in the new academic year. 

June 2018

In June Alfan Team Ghana visited 2 new rural schools/orphanages that were recommended to us by social services. They are in Swedru and Ofankor ( in Ghana), and we look forward to being able to reach out to more children. One of the schools received over 500 pieces of the school uniform that was donated by Haddenham Junior School this year. Fantastic!

May 2018

A senior Alfan colleague (Mr Asamoa) came over from Ghana, with his wife, to see how Alfan operates here in the UK. He attended an Oxfordshire Project  meeting, which was great for him to experience and for  members to meet him. 

April 2018

We had more boxes sent to Ghana, including over 1000 pens graciously donated to us by The Oxfordshire Project.

March 2018

We have had a lot of positive feedback from some of the people that came to watch the performance. They expressed their appreciation for the way a lot of Young people with various talents joined together to perform. Monday 19th is the deadline for the collection of the sponsorship forms. 

February 2018

We had an amazing night with some fantastic performers on display. Wonderful music, including Young people performing their own compositions, amid great singing. The sponsorship is still being collected.

January 2018

We are looking forward to the Alfan Youth Concert which is on Saturday 24th February at the Aylesbury Methodist Centre at 7:30pm. Like last year, it will be an amazing night of talent display, from Classical to Pop and Jazz music. Please come and support us.Tickets details to be released soon.


The Christmas presents arrived just in time for Christmas, and were distributed to the recipients. The children were excited to receive their gifts from the UK. Thank you to all those who gave their toys and other items, including wrapping and sorting them out for shipping. It was a great effort. 


We have shipped 500 Christmas presents this week, hoping to get to the recipients ( our Orphanages in Ghana) in time for Christmas.


Alfons visited some of the schools and Orphanages we are supporting in Ghana. He also donated some sporting equipment, clothes and toys to the schools and Orphanages.


Start of new academic year and we received lots of the old Haddenham Junior school uniforms. A member of ALFAN will be going to Ghana in October to oversee distribution and presentation of the items.


Parents of Haddenham community junior school donate their old uniforms to Alfan. First two boxes have been shipped to Ghana.

JULY 2017

We are trying to send one or two members to Ghana in August to see to the distribution of the items to the various beneficiaries. They bring a report with photos of the trip, showing the presentations and also, the items being used by the recipients..

Preparing to send about 7 boxes to Ghana at the end of the month.

We have received some computers from a Solicitors' firm in Oxford and Leach Print in Oxford

Invited to speak at the Oxfordshire Project meeting at the beginning of the month with James, for the first time.

JUNE 2017

We have been collecting computers and stationery to ship to Ghana, hopefully at the end of July, to be ready for distribution in August.


We have been in contact with our schools in Ghana, to monitor the items we sent them. 

MARCH 2017

Happy to send 7 boxes to Ghana. 

Great response from the public about the Youth Music Concert. Plans are being made for next year.


The Oxfordshire Project donated pens and a white board. 

Alfan Youth Music Concert - a huge success! Over £1000 raised, hosted in Aylesbury, with a range of young people performing on a variety of instruments, including the piano, the cello, the guitar, the saxophone and the violin.


Pictures from the Christmas presents we sent arrived - great to see once again so many happy children!


The items shipped have arrived safely and would be presented to the beneficiaries in the coming weeks. More to follow.


Over 340 presents were wrapped up and sent for children in need in Ghana. Two teams were organised by Alfan and Shaun Nolan from the Floyd to wrap the presents. Everyone worked really hard to make this possible, and enough presents were wrapped to make children's christmas this year. More to follow.



Great success for the first Alfan youth run. 12 young people took part in the 5k run to raise money for Alfan, and included picking up some awards. Our second run is also happening soon - keep an eye out for it!

Many items received, including school uniform, shoes and books. Shipment sent and another organised for near the end of June.

Youth 100k Run planned. A group of young people will be collectively running 100k to raise funds for Alfan. First run is in Misbourne on 25th June. Please support.


Scouts had lots of fun with Alfan, trying Ghanaian food and playing African drums. We appreciate all their efforts in collecting items for children in Ghana, many thanks to their leaders, especially Richard for organising these sessions.

Presentation at Haddenham Scouts: lovely time and lots of great and thoughtful questions from the scouts. Excited about their plans to incorporate Ghana and Alfan for their World Challenge badge. Looking forward to returning in a couple of weeks. Food tasting! Thanks Richard and all!

Wonderful to receive a large box of shoes from Monkey Clothes. Bundles of clothes and books given by friends. Many thanks to all.


We have received many personal donations of clothes and toys. We are planning to do another shipment in May


Our last shipment has arrived. It will be sorted and distributed by our team. We have received more items and are looking to organise another shipment in May. We have received good news about the health of an individual child we are helping. More to follow.


We sent many items to Ghana including printers, hard drives, shoes, clothes, books and toys. You can follow us on twitter: @AlfanfAnnie


Delighted to receive so many pairs of shoes, clothing, toys, computer accessories and books.


Ghana trip.

One of the founding members has just returned from a trip to Ghana to visit the various institutions we are helping. She also presented Christmas presents to Orphanages and schools.


You can follow us on Instagram!

Alfan UK meeting took place on the 18th

Trip booked for Ghana to visit the schools and orphanages we are helping.


28th October

All the Christmas presents for the orphanages and the primary school shipment sent! Should arrive in Ghana early December.

27th October

Second round of wrapping and over 360 presents are wrapped! Two teams of over 10 people each time helping. Thanks to the Floyd for the space at the school to do all the wrapping and thanks to all that helped: Josh, Nick, Harriet, Scarlett, Jasmine, Sam, Jodie, James D, Zahra, Karina, Niah, Rosie, Izzy, Kudzai, Jas H, Zoe, Cheryl, Dawn, Sam and Hannah. You were fantastic!

23rd October

Sir Henry Floyd school collected over 107 shoes boxes for Alfan, to be sent to Ghana as Christmas presents for the orphanages and the needy kids in schools in Winneba, Ghana.

We received personal donations of clothes and shoes from Elaine and Mel which are to be added tot he Christmas gifts. We are forever grateful to you all for your generous gifts.


We have been able to ship some boxes of clothes, computers and books to Ghana on the 3rd of October. The items also included some bicycles and playground equipment.


Thanks to Linda Pengrum who donated some clothes of her's and her students. We are very grateful for any support you give us.


Stantonbury Campus- Mk

Alfan has just received over 100 computers and laptops from Stantonbury

Barbara from Harri House in Haddenham donates generously to Alfan

Exciting news- Trip to Ghana

Alfons visited schools and Orphanages we are supporting. Shipments were delivered and discussions were held for future activities.

New ! Alfan to support the Childrens' Ward at Winneba Hospital


ST MARY's INDEPENDENT SCHOOL donated 100s of books to ALFAN in the last week of term. We are grateful for the kind gesture shown by the young ladies and the staff of St Mary's.

ALFAN were presented with a cheque for £1,158 by Sir Henry Floyd school, as their contribution towards ALFAN's work in Ghana. The money was raised from their charity days.


The church's Junior team once again organised and sold cakes and plants to raise funds for ALFAN. The young people as usual enjoyed helping out with the baking and selling of the cakes and plants.


St. Mary's School, Gerrards Cross:

We are grateful to the staff and students of St Mary's school, who invited us to give a speech on Alfan's activities. The Year 9 students are fund-raising for Alfan, and we were invited to the occasion on Tuesday, 16th. Our sincere thanks goes to Mrs Lake who organised the session.

My Job matcher:

Thanks to My job matcher, we have received some computers, to be sent to an orphanage in Ghana.

Vale of Aylesbury Vineyard:

We were privileged to receive some wheel chairs and walking aids from the church as a gift to the Foundation. We are very grateful for everything we get. Thank you.

Here we aim to keep our donors and those interested in us up to date on all our latest news.

MARCH: Charity day 2015

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School had their 2 charity days on 26th and 27th March. There were lots of activities organised, and we are proud to be their legacy charity. More updates on this after Easter.

MARCH: Fundraising at Aylesbury Methodist Church

On sunday 22nd, the church's Junior team sold cakes and crafts to raise funds for ALFAN. The young people enjoyed helping out with the baking and selling of the cakes and crafts.


On Thursday, 19th March 2015, the group met to discuss a proposal for Alfan's new activities in schools in UK. A package will be put together for schools soon. Look out for more news.

FEBRUARY : Donation of printers and computers by Chiltern Hills Academy in Chesham

ALFAN recently received some computers and printers from Chiltern Hills Academy. The items have already been shipped and are on their way to Ghana. THANK YOU.

JANUARY 2015: COMING SOON: Alfan to launch its activities in the UK


St Anna's orphanage receives uniform

Francis House Preparatory School in Tring, kindly donated hundreds of school uniforms to Alfan in the summer. Items included: dresses, polo shirts, football jerseys, jumpers and more. This was shipped to St Anna's orphanage in Winneba, Ghana, where they are now proudly wearing the uniforms.

Comments from Ms Emelia Turkson who runs the orphanage:

"The new school uniforms, computers and books donated to us by Alfan Foundation have greatly uplifted the spirits of the children in the orphanage."

Shoe boxes from Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

Another fantastic charity event from the Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School in Aylesbury was the shoeboxes. Over 120 boxes were collected from various form groups, together with cash of £200. We were delighted to see the effort that was put into each box, from personal messages to wonderful presents.

In half term along with some help from Becky, the head of the charity committee at the Floyd and James Dodd another 6th former, we wrapped up nearly 500 presents. Later friends also helped to wrap the remaining presents. The presents are currently on a ship heading Ghana and should reach there in time for Christmas. This will enable every child in St Anna's to have a Christmas present along with children from Don Bosco school in Winneba.

A huge thank you to students and teachers at the Floyd. You have already made this Christmas special for so many children.Thank you !

Fundraising from Aylesbury Methodist Church

From the cream tea event and J-Team cake and plant stall, an amazing £600 has been raised for Alfan. This enabled us to send the school uniforms to the orphanage and contributed to the recent shipment of Christmas presents.

Largest Fundraising event so far from the Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

Charity days raise an incredible £2,825 for Alfan and donations of over 800 books from students. A huge amount of effort was put in for the one charity day in June. From a mufti, to performances and competitions. This enabled Alfan to send over computers and laptops.