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By Nick De La Rocha                                                                                                                                             received_10209715768311348.jpeg

As a young person myself, I find it very important that we help each other to improve the futures of many. That is why, on the 25th of June and the 10th of July, a large group of young people from the ages of 13 - 18, are determined to raise £1000 by running a collective total of 100km in order to support the fantastic activities of the Alfan foundation at supporting children and young people in Ghana and also back home in the UK. What makes this initiative unique is the generous young volunteers of the Alfan Foundation want to improve the lives of other young people around the world. It's wonderful that young people are willing to help other young people who need support.

On the 25th of June, 11 young people will be running in fancy dress at the Misbourn 5km race. We hope that day will be full of enjoyment and many smiles on our faces, which will all be captured with many photos for our website.

Furthermore, on Sunday the 10th of July, 5 young runners will be enduring the High Wycombe 10km race in order to successfully break through our goal of reaching 100km collectively as a group. Therefore, our final aim of fund raising will be achieved with the help of each and every one of the young people involved.

All of the runners have a copy of the sponsorship form, whilst we have an online make-a-donation page, which you can find here: https://make-a-donation.org/charity/alfan-foundation

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