Christmas Presents 2016


For the last three years, we have wrapped up presents to send to children in need in schools and orphanages in Ghana and we have been able to do this with help from friends and the Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School.

Shaun Nolan, current leader of the Charity Committee at the Floyd organised classes to donate shoeboxes filled with presents. In order that more children are reached, we split up the shoebox contents, put the items in age, and gender categories. As you can imagine, however, this requires a lot of effort and time, something that we were short of as the deadline for shipping in time for Christmas loomed ahead. Many students helped to wrap up the presents on two separate days.

This year as in previous years, we were overwhelmed by the number of students from all years willing to help. This was a momentous task, but was completed in time, with over 340 presents wrapped for children. The toiletries are given to the rural school for hand cleansing, and to the orphanage. There were snacks, Christmas songs and lots of laughter as volunteers (particularly the older ones) reminisced with toys they too played with as younger children.dsc_1329resized.jpg

We are really grateful to all those who came and helped, and made this possible; for many of the children we support, this is their only Christmas present, and so we know that every donation, no matter how small, will make a huge difference to the children’s lives.

James Hanson