24/03/18 Youth Concert

IMG_8365.JPGOn Saturday 24th February, we hosted a fundraising youth concert, which saw nearly 30 performers, aged 9-19 perform to a large audience inside the Aylesbury Methodist Church.

Hosted by James Hanson and Sam Wright, the audience were taken on a ‘musical voyage’, going through a variety of instruments (including singing, the piano, the cello, the guitar, the flute).

There was a wide range of composers of music; from Kabalevsky to Etta James to some of the performers themselves. It was a fantastic night, with a raffle, nibbles, and everyone enjoying themselves. Some of the money raised will be used to fund teacher packs for teachers in some of the schools we support in Ghana; these packs will include teaching essentials that we take for granted, but they may not have. Thank you to everyone who supported us!!