10k Race

Dear All,                                                                                                                         20160710_091851.jpg

Since the last blog post, three of our young volunteers, James Hanson, Nicolas De La Rocha and Joel Fryer, endured the heavy rain whilst competing in the very popular High Wycombe 10K. Amongst roughly a thousand runners competing in both the 10K and Half Marathon, our three runners set out on what turned out to be much harder than expected. However, now reflecting upon the race, all three runners thorougly enjoyed the race because for the majority of the race, the three of us ran as a group and supported each other throughout. Eventually, the three of us arrived back at where we first set off, finishing in Adams Park, the home stadium of Wycombe Wanderers. All three runners completed the run around the hour mark, and we were greeted by cheers of supporters, and our much welcomed medals and snack bag. 

I am sure, on the behalf of the Alfan Foundation, that we made everyone very proud and it was a fantastic goal for us, not just personally, but also in our best interests at raising money for the Alfan Foundation. It was an incredible experience and it is something that cannot be forgotten. 

It has been an exciting few weeks that has gone by as our young volunteers have been competing in the Misbourne 5km and the High Wycombe 10km. Now, with our third race approaching, The Waddestone 5km, we are glad to see that our goal of running a collective 100 kilometres is within sight. Our final two runners,  James Hanson and Nicolas De La Rocha will be participating in the race.

Many thanks,

Nicolas De La Rocha and the Alfan Team