Christmas wrapping at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

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During October, students of Sir Henry Floyd Grammar school rallied round to once again support the Alfan Foundation Christmas wrapping project, sending Christmas presents to children in Ghana who would otherwise not receive anything.  Over sixty students got involved in promoting the appeal around the school and helping out at the wrapping nights in the last week of the half term, with many more making generous donations of gifts and money to go towards shipping.                                            

I was able to help out at both of the wrapping nights this year, and the experience was wonderful. It was great to see so many people getting involved across the year groups, bringing their friends and wrapping the gifts kindly donated by students and staff, amidst the organised chaos!                                                                                                 

In total, 500 presents were wrapped, to be sent off to Ghana, helping children to have a merry Christmas! I am already excited for next year's appeal!

By Katie, Year 12

May 2018 Alfan Member UK visit

Ernest Asamoah, who co-ordinates Alfan’s activities in Ghana, also works for the Ghana National Union of Teachers (GNAT) visited the UK in May with his wife Mercy. Whilst here, they had a good insight of Alfan’s activities in the UK, and took part in organising the boxes for shipping.

Ernest and Alfons also attended The Oxfordshire Project (TOP) meeting, where they met some of the donors of our items like pens, clothes etc. During Alfan’s meeting, we discussed how best our new project (Teachers’ Pack) is going to be trialled in Ghana, and if successful, extend it to more schools in the remote areas.

24/03/18 Youth Concert

IMG_8365.JPGOn Saturday 24th February, we hosted a fundraising youth concert, which saw nearly 30 performers, aged 9-19 perform to a large audience inside the Aylesbury Methodist Church.

Hosted by James Hanson and Sam Wright, the audience were taken on a ‘musical voyage’, going through a variety of instruments (including singing, the piano, the cello, the guitar, the flute).

There was a wide range of composers of music; from Kabalevsky to Etta James to some of the performers themselves. It was a fantastic night, with a raffle, nibbles, and everyone enjoying themselves. Some of the money raised will be used to fund teacher packs for teachers in some of the schools we support in Ghana; these packs will include teaching essentials that we take for granted, but they may not have. Thank you to everyone who supported us!!

Youth Music Concert

 scottandcraig.jpgOn Saturday 18th February, we hosted a music concert, at Aylesbury Methodist Church, that had a range of musicians from the age of 7 years old to 18, those that had just started their musical journey to those that had been playing their instruments for many years. The instruments themselves were very varied, we had pianists, a cellist, guitarists, a violinist and a saxophone player.

The night was hosted by Sam Wright and James Hanson (below), who guided the audience through an array of talent.          


Each performance was very special; for some of them, this was their first time performing, for others, this was one of many. An interval between enabled the audience to enjoy some of the lovely canapes made by some willing volunteers from the church, and also take part in a raffle (where there were seven incredible prizes to be won) and a secret auction for the ties our hosts were wearing; a traditional Kente cloth, flown in from Ghana the day before. They audience were also treated to some African drumming by Alfons, before they went back into the church to continue with the rest of the “splendid evening”.


The pieces performed were both entertaining and engaging for the audience, who found it to be a “really enjoyable evening”, and they too were just as impressed with the talent from the performers as we were: “couldn’t get over how brilliant the performers were”.The idea of the concert was to raise money for a shipment to Ghana, with a lot of items (the usual hard drives, whiteboards, toys, shoes and clothes) that we had, but were not financially able to send them.

Thanks to the concert, however, over £1,000 was raised, and the majority of the items have now been sent, and we hope to send the rest in the coming weeks.

A huge thank you to all those who performed in the concert, helped organise it or who came along to support the young musicians; it was great to see young people perform to help other young people across the world.

Christmas Presents 2016


For the last three years, we have wrapped up presents to send to children in need in schools and orphanages in Ghana and we have been able to do this with help from friends and the Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School.

Shaun Nolan, current leader of the Charity Committee at the Floyd organised classes to donate shoeboxes filled with presents. In order that more children are reached, we split up the shoebox contents, put the items in age, and gender categories. As you can imagine, however, this requires a lot of effort and time, something that we were short of as the deadline for shipping in time for Christmas loomed ahead. Many students helped to wrap up the presents on two separate days.

This year as in previous years, we were overwhelmed by the number of students from all years willing to help. This was a momentous task, but was completed in time, with over 340 presents wrapped for children. The toiletries are given to the rural school for hand cleansing, and to the orphanage. There were snacks, Christmas songs and lots of laughter as volunteers (particularly the older ones) reminisced with toys they too played with as younger children.dsc_1329resized.jpg

We are really grateful to all those who came and helped, and made this possible; for many of the children we support, this is their only Christmas present, and so we know that every donation, no matter how small, will make a huge difference to the children’s lives.

James Hanson